Why You Need A Soda Maker?

Why You Need A Soda Maker?

❶ Create your own soda drink anytime, anywhere

I do have a lot of friends who want everything they drink in summer to be gassy, ​​whether it's plain water or juice or something else. The tricks in supermarkets and convenience stores can no longer satisfy them, and there is no guarantee that every time they want to drink soda, there is just a can in the refrigerator. For these people, it is best to have a soda machine, make a cup when you want to drink it, mix and create it yourself when you want to drink some tricks. Moreover, OTE soda water machines are small and easy to carry and do not need to be powered on. 

❷ Don't dilute the original drinks, let them turn into soda in situ

Some friends will also say,  ready-made soda can also realize DIY drinks. It is theoretically feasible, but the actual taste may not be particularly good, after all, soda water will dilute the taste of the drink. To be honest, many DIY drinks have a bland taste compared to the drinks sold outside, that is, freshly squeezed juice is more reliable, but if you add soda water, it will be broken in one second. And the soda water mixed with fruit juice must still be mainly fruit juice, and the carbon dioxide content in it will not be too high, so it can't make that kind of spicy taste at all. At this time, a soda machine that can directly inject gas into the juice can meet this demand.

❸ No need to drink all kinds of additives together in carbonated beverages

on the market, in addition to adding carbon dioxide, also add sugar, phosphoric acid, preservatives, etc. in order to create a better taste and facilitate preservation. Of course it’s okay to drink it occasionally, but if you drink a few cans or bottles every day, it may not be good for your body shape and health after a long time.

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