Brand Vision & Positioning & Brand Origin

Committed to become a global aesthetic technology small appliances brand.

Star quality and affordable small home appliances

OTE was founded by three founders in 2019, the brand name is taken from the initials of the three founders' names (Oscar for industrial design, Tomas for technical development, Eason for product definition), the founding team gave the brand craftsmanship to pass on.

  • Our team is mainly constituted from the GOOD DESIGN & RED DOT & IF award members. Driven by our passion for design, we are on a mission to redefine the home appliances industry. In a category of products that has been forgotten by the design community, OTE merges made-to-last quality, premium materials and a unique design approach.

  • OTE’s name is an acronym for “Online”, “Time” and “Every day”, which delivers the attitude of “Taste Life in Every Moment”. We hope OTE can enrich your life and spread more happiness to you.

  • Participated in many offline exhibitions and received unanimous praise from customers

Obtained a number of patents and national certification

Cooperative Physical Supermarket