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OTE 8g Co2 Exchange Carbonator, CO2 Gas Cylinders Package(40 pc/80pcs)

OTE 8g Co2 Exchange Carbonator, CO2 Gas Cylinders Package(40 pc/80pcs)

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📣Each cylinder contains 8g of CO2.

👉Each package contains 8 cylinders.

👉One order unit is 5 package  40 pcs.



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The CO2 cylinder is made of pure metal stainless steel casting, filled with pure food grade CO2 high purity gas (purity over 99.9%), very stable, non-flammable and non-explosive, inert gas, the source of this gas is the Messer Group of Germany, also passed the U.S. FDA testing, Germany LFGB testing, specifically for the production of carbonated beverages, shelf life of at least three years.

Not to be burned with open flame
Not to be used by minors
Low temperature water between 1-19 degrees Celsius will make sparkling water taste better because the dissolution rate of CO2 and water is higher in this temperature range