Warranty Policy

OTE offers a 12-Month Warranty on products parts below covering manufacturing faults or flaws (e.g, a leaking seal) but not accidental damage (e.g. dropping product onto the floor) nor any other damage caused by activities which are not manufacturer related.The warranty coverage only extends to the original buyer with proof of purchase.

Note: We do not accept items sent back without proper warranty claims.



Part Name


Handling Method




Blender Body


Free Replacement


Non-human damage


No maintenance service will be provided after 12 months .


Blender Cup


No maintenance service will be provided after 12 months.


Blender Knife Holder


Blender Knife Holder Silicone Ring


Sparkling Water Machine

Pumping Assembly


Sparkling Water Machine Lid


Sparkling Water Machine Body


The Sparkling Machine body could bear hot water no more than 60℃ (140℉), otherwise it will cause deformation. Damage due to this situation is not covered by warranty.


How can I claim my warranty?

Once you find Quality issues & Performance failures, write us an email (support@otehome.com) including your order number, reasons and proofing pictures to quickly start your warranty claims. 


When can I get my warranty?

We will reply to your email in 3 business days, deciding whether we need more proof of your claim or confirming that you are eligible for warranty by giving you further instuctions on next steps.


What is the warranty cost?

Free Replacements for manufacturing faults or flaws and transportation damage: OTE is responsible for the return shipping once you claim the warranty within 30-Day, otherwise you are responsible for the return shipping.

Repairs/Replacements Charges for WEAR and TEAR during normal use of an asset: Negotiable depending on the extent of damage.